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8月 01,2019

Sustainability for the Enoshima Event

Welcome to the 2019 Hempel World Cup Series Enoshima event Sustainability page. At every level of event management, this event supports World Sailing’s ‘Sustainability Agenda 2030’ initiative. World Sailing’s Sustainability Agenda 2030 outlines how the sport will contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



As organizers of an event that sees hundreds of stakeholders directly interact with the ocean and its environs, the need for sustainable stewardship is of a high priority. Further, the organizers recognize the opportunity for positive Social, Environmental and Economic impacts that will be achieved via embedding sustainability as a priority of the event. As such the Hempel World Cup Series Enoshima Sustainability Plan was designed and a sustainability team established to support the implantation of this plan.


The event sustainability plan includes calculating the unavoidable associated carbon emissions and the offsetting of this usage. This unavoidable use of carbon comes for example, in the form of the RIBs we use to support the management and safety of the event and the electrical power we use within the onshore offices. The carbon offsetting planned at this Enoshima event is a first for World Sailing and we trust it leads to other sailing events following suit.


The sustainability plan also included the installation of two new “Seabins”  and considerations such as working towards zero PET bottles, gender equality, ocean safe sunscreen, zero ocean harmful runoff, paperless regatta,  environmental educational outreach and a host of other sustainability directed objectives.


The organizers will be working hard to make this a fun and sustainably supportive event for all.